Our global scam stopping system protects communication devices from unsolicited, phishing, harassing scam calls. Thus, reducing stress, anger and possible financial loses. It works everywhere. You don't want interruptions, annoyance, disturbances. Get rid of scam calls automatically and efficiently. This is what the Reverd scam stopper system does.


Technology joy Because we believe that technology should not be used against humans. Communication systems were developed to connect people with family, friends, and businesses for good. Communication devices must not be used to harm people or to steal their money. Therefore, scam calls must be eliminated. Also, communication companies' business is to connect (and get paid) not to block calls. Why should they be interested to block scam calls? Think about it. We believe that technology must be used for the good of humanity.


Technology for good We use proprietary technology to stop unwanted scam calls on iOS devices. Our patented method allows us to protect wide range of devices. You don't have to buy the latest phone model or to update the software in order to use our services. Unwanted incoming calls are totally silenced with no sound or vibration and you don't need to look at the phone screen, thus no annoyance, no interruptions at all. Our system is community supported. Users around the world report scam calls directly from their phone. Get the peace of mind you deserve! Stay protected everywhere even without Internet.


Stop spam calls automatically Get rid of scam calls automatically. Reduce stress and anger. Yes, it is possible with Reverd spam call detector app powered by crowd reporting. Unlike other apps it does not require users' action to eliminate reported scam.
- No Red & Green buttons to touch, no disturbance, no anger.
- No decisions to make – stay focused on what you are doing.
- No need to manually blacklist every harassing number.
It's simple and secure. Frequent updates with new harassing phone numbers from the community reported complaints are available for better protection. Give it a try.

At reverd.com we value your time. We deliver instant results at a fair price.

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